Reclaimed Wood Furniture Store in Kansas City

Making a statement in your home is as simple as finding the right accent pieces to add to your furniture collection. If you are looking for a new way to add a bit of traditional style to your home, there is no better choice than reclaimed wood furniture.

Reclaimed wood is not just stylish; it is practical, extremely durable, and environmentally friendly. Furniture designers use wood pieces that are reclaimed from old buildings and outdated furnishings to create stunning and functional pieces that boast a new life of beauty.

Whether you are looking for a reclaimed wood coffee table as a conversation piece for your living room or reclaimed wood desks for your office, you can find a nice selection of pieces at Rakar in Overland Park, KS.

Rustic and primitive crafted designs bring a sense of country design to any space, and distressed finishes can add a lot of character to a room. Check out reclaimed wood furniture today in its many shapes and forms, and you may just find yourself reminiscing about times that were much more simple.

Vintage Apothecary Chest

This vintage apothecary chest, originally used to house medicinal herbs, features hand-painted Chinese calligraphy characters and a red lacquer front. The piece has been fully reconditioned and has a total of 21 small drawers. Each drawer is equally divided into three compartments, which were originally used to separate herbs, for a total of 63 individual compartments. The compartments are great for storing and organizing your household items!

It’s about 70 years old. Minor Cosmetic Wear Due to the Old Age of the Piece, However the Piece Has Been Refinished and Reconditioned.

Overall Dimensions: 47.5″ H x 47″ W x 20″ D

June 2017 Shipment is in!

Our new shipment has come in and ready for you to see! Located in Overland Park , our showroom is full of reclaimed wood furniture, unique vases and statues, lamps, oil paintings, and so much more. You can see from our pictures, our selection is huge!

Beautiful Vases To Brighten Your Decor

Looking for that perfect piece to highlight your dinning room or a nice vase to for your bedroom? Rakar in Overland Park, KS specializes in unique vases. Any color and any style, we have you covered.




Blue and White Pottery

“Blue and white wares” (in Chinese 青花 qīng-huā) designate white pottery and porcelain decorated under the glaze with a blue pigment, generally cobalt oxide. The decoration is commonly applied by hand, by stenciling or by transfer-printing, though other methods of application have also been used.


The first blue and white wares were as early as the ninth century in Henan province, China; although there were shards found there, the only three pieces of complete “Tang blue and white” in the world were recovered from Indonesian Belitung shipwreck in 1998 and later sold to Singapore. In the early fourteenth century mass-production of fine, translucent, blue and white porcelain started at Jingdezhen, sometimes called the porcelain capital of China. Chinese blue and white porcelain was once-fired: after the porcelain body was dried, decorated with refined cobalt-blue pigment mixed with water and applied using a brush, coated with a clear glaze and fired at high temperature. Production of blue and white wares has continued at Jingdezhen to this day. Blue and white porcelain made at Jingdezhen probably reached the height of its technical excellence during the reign of the Kangxi emperor of the Qing Dynasty (reigned 1661 to 1722).

At Rakar in Overland Park, we have a large selection of Blue and White pottery. Come in and check it out!

Reclaimed Wood Furniture in Kansas City

Spring is here and Rakar in Overland Park has just received a huge shipment of reclaimed wood furniture, vases, antique chairs, decorative lamps, trunks, side tables and more! Come into our showroom and take a look. Maybe you will find something to bring some beauty and life into your home! Our selection of Reclaimed Wood Furniture in Kansas City is huge.


Antique Chinese Chairs

At Rakar in Overland Park, KS, we have a wide variety of Chinese antique chairs. Come in to our showroom and take a look!