Rakar is a home furnishings store specializing in high-end and custom, furniture and home accessories. Founded in 2001, Rakar now resides in its 10,000 square foot home in Overland Park, Kansas. Jim Zhang, President and owner of Rakar, has spent the past 28 years building and evolving his family’s business – from one that focused only on oil paintings, to the diverse and unique offerings today. From his initial role, Jim has acquired an enthusiasm and keen eye for design that has fortified the reputation of Rakar as one of the top home furnishings businesses in Kansas City and beyond. The meticulously selected pieces in this diverse store have been faithfully restored to their original character, while adapting their classic designs in a manner suitable for contemporary interiors. Ranging from the mid Ming Dynasty (1450) to the late Chin Dynasty (1910), some reflect the ornate craftsmanship of royal palaces, others the simplicity of countryside residences.

Our staff selects furniture and accessories from the world’s most original manufacturers. Tables, statues, vases, chairs, trunks and more are on display in our KC showroom. We also feature a wide inventory of cast iron, garden accessories, cabinets, and much more. Rakar specializes in custom-made furniture, vintage and antique accessories, and featuring the best in Chinese and Asian design. As the most frequented room in any home, our designers understand the remarkable beauty inherent in functional design. Each furniture piece is crafted from the finest materials to provide years of comfort and beauty to your home. Discover China at its best in North America...from the largest selection of exquisite oriental furniture to home decor artifacts, and more... We look forward to working with you to help bring your house design to the next level.